News flash: Hazmat haulers drive safe every day

The public always hears about the catastrophic truck wrecks but what about the millions of miles truckers safely drive every day?

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The beauty and power of a goal

Since I decided to write a book, long put-off tasks are suddenly getting done.

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Ugly today: pay to park, canceled load

Security told us to pay to park, then a load canceled later in the day.

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New friends and a scenic drive

We met new friends today and enjoyed a wonderful drive down U.S. 395 in California.

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Loathe to deadhead but may have to

We spent a pleasant day in Sparks, Nev. today but are still sitting here without freight to haul.

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Discovering Scrivener: a tool for writers

Scrivener is software used by writers to organize their content. You can use it to organize your thoughts too, like in writing a trucker's business plan.

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Protecting our profits from obscene toll hikes

I learned today something about New York mileage tax and fuel tax that I did not know before and that may work to our benefit.

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Thoughts about a house and a home

Leaving our Florida vacation house prompts thoughts about home.

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