Finalist Cats


| November 03, 2013

She just showed up out of nowhere for Christmas 2 years ago and has filled this house with so much love and fun. We couldn't imagine life without her! Wendell Powell | Owner-operator, Agigco

Chubbs-Elvis Peters Whittington

| November 03, 2013

Chubbs is the epitome of spoiled, I mean loved! For six years he has been my constant companion on the road. Every morning he wakes me with a claw-filled massage, a gentle reminder that he ...

Cochise, Geronimo and Zeus

| November 03, 2013

My oldest Zeus has been trucking with us for almost 15yrs. My other boys have trucking for 5yrs.. We take our family with us every trip. Shawna Frantz | Owner-operator, PAM Transport


| November 03, 2013

He certainly looks comfortable in my driver's seat. Rick Inde | Owner-operator, Schneider


| November 03, 2013

One if the smartest cats I've been around. Figured out how to use the mouse before I did.;) Randy Morten | Owner-operator, Lee Street Trucking

Sammy Adams

| November 03, 2013

Sammy should be Overdrive's most loved pet because he is so special, he was rescued out of the mouth of a large dog at just 3 weeks old, he was scared and detached when we ...


| November 03, 2013

He is the most livable kity I have ever had. He is leash trained, loves to ride in the truck and my car, and plays fetch even in the rig. He loves having his belly ...


| November 03, 2013

Gypsy makes the ride more pleasant! Lisalee Starkman | Owner-operator, Leisure Transportation LLC

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