freight marketplace

Next Trucking — latest tech-enabled brokerage, freight-marketplace hybrid

Next Trucking's new Android smartphone app and freight marketplace connects broker iDC Logistics' universe of shippers directly to owner-operators.

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Trucker Path: Technology could ultimately bring wide appeal to younger trucking generation

To attracts carrier users to its smartphone app, Trucker Path built a robust trip-planning app with intentions of later launching an online freight marketplace, now in beta testing phase.

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New load board hopes to facilitate O/O-shipper connections

Valerie Hemmings is the spouse of an owner-operator running under his own authority -- she recently wrote in with something of a plea for owner-operators to stand together for better rates, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the many permutations of middlemen in the ultimate carrier-shipper transaction. "Owner/Operators," she wrote, are "gasping for financial air because of the middlemen like brokers, agents and double-brokerage side-line agents, and fake brokers who pretend to own several trucks ...

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