FTR forecast: Driver shortage to worsen

Trucking is in a growth period, but carriers need to keep an eye on the global economy and its potential impact on freight demand, executive says.

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Panel: Slow growth now but better times ahead

Manufacturing has provided some growth – about 8 percent since last June – due in part to tax credits.

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‘Flatbed is particularly strong’ and other upbeat news

Lots of good economic reports all around for trucking in the last few days. If you’re not with a carrier who’s keeping you busy, figure out why or look elsewhere. Morgan Stanley’s truckload freight research report “continues to show strong trends … Flatbed is particularly strong.” Consequently, by the fourth quarter this year, on an annual basis, “rate increases of 4-5% should now be the base case. If fuel prices spike and a material restocking takes place, ...

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A creeping, sputtering recovery

It appears that trucking and the economy will be slouching toward health and stability during 2010. Here are forecasts from three sources.

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