Government Accountability Office

GAO wants stronger oversight of highway partnerships

Federal Highway Administration partnerships with state transportation offices can pose risks, GAO says.

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Report says FMCSA should improve review process

The Government Accountability Office recommends FMCSA shore up its new-applicant review process to weed out "chameleon" carriers.

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GAO recommends more transparency for CSA

The Government Accountability Office advised the FMCSA it should develop a reasonable timeframe to put driver fitness ratings into effect.

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Report: FMCSA wants to release driver safety data

The agency is seeking increased regulatory authority over drivers via the next highway reauthorization bill, GAO says.

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FMCSA wants feedback on 5-year safety plan

Safety improvement proposal is aimed at removing high-risk drivers and carriers from operation.

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Language lurking in GAO’s CSA report to Congress: FMCSA hopeful to make driver data public

Tonight, a major with the Colorado State Patrol I've spoken with on a couple different occasions about his work implementing the CSA Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories at the roadside inspector level will be delivering an hour-long presentation as part of Overdrive/Truckers News webinar series. It's called "CSA: What it means to you," and features Major Mark Savage at 8 p.m. Central time tonight. Tune in free of charge via your internet connection. For ...

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FMCSA seeks more CSA funds

The agency wants $78 million for CSA in fiscal 2012, much of that for 696 positions, 98 of which are new jobs to fully implement CSA.

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GAO: FMCSA should study wait time further

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may lack key information on detention time impact on hours-of-service offenses.

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