Great Recession

Framing the trucking labor situation: Shortage at what price?

“Labor shortage” can mean different things to different people, whether a supply/demand imbalance at "current market prices" or "at any price" -- the latter often well implied in driver shortage stories that suggest a disruption to the supply chain that consumers will see and feel.

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Threading the needle through trade policy, regulation, hammer swingers and the erosion of the middle class

Readers' responses to a recent call for change to the 14-hour rule in the hours of service thread the needle through 30 and more years of American history and the erosion of the blue-collar middle class.

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Oil gamble on Wall Street? Speculation back in the headlines

President Obama is hammering on oil speculators again, while Republican opponents such as House Speaker John Boehner and presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney are calling the talk about speculation hooey, falling back on the same old "drill, baby, drill"-type rhetoric we've heard so much of in recent past. Problem with the latter is, well, we are drilling. Domestic oil production is up. Problem with the former is the very White House task forces on the ...

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