human smuggling

Feds call for crackdown on sanctuary cities in response to latest truck-involved human smuggling discovery

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Thomas Homan released a statement this week partially blaming sanctuary cities and policies for recent human smuggling operations after law enforcement, acting on a tip, rescued 17 migrants in Edinburg, Texas.

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Mexico’s big human-smuggling bust; Truckers Against Trafficking makes industry headway

Technology makes a dent As this photo, released by the Mexican state of Chiapas and making news around the nation yesterday, makes abundantly clear, the issue of human smuggling is a multivalent and complex one. The photo shows would-be migrants to the U.S. in a van trailer in southern Mexico, caught in Mexican authorities' X-ray imaging devices. All in all, a total of 513 people were being transported in two trailers, in this case paying ...

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