I’m not crazy, just a product of the 70s

Wendy talks to a long-failing computer: "There's a distinct possibility we'll be having a Best Buy Intervention when we get home, and if I get arrested for talking to a vacuum cleaner, I blame Sid and Marty Crofft."

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Preparing for the storm: My Anne Ferro notes

"I should destroy all of my notes, because if anyone got hold of them, they'd surely think I was nuts, and possibly dangerous."

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Barefoot with a stolen lemon

George to Wendy: "“If you think I'm going to give you a knife to cut up a stolen lemon while I'm driving, you're crazier than I thought you were.”

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Surly teenagers: No match for crazy

What happens when 15-year-old surliness runs up against Wendy Parker's natural reason for being -- more than just a little Yoda-speak involved, it is.

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