interstate highway system

The link between highways and murder

| September 06, 2012

The book tackles a broader subject: the link between murders and the Interstate Highway System.


Overdrive Staff | August 05, 2011

Driver data could go public, U.S. and Mexico sign trucking deal, broker regulatory bill reintroduced and other industry news items are featured.

Business group opposes rest area commerce bill

| June 23, 2011

The legislation would permit states to sell food and fuel from interstate rest areas.

Birth of an Icon

Lucinda Coulter | October 01, 2010

For hard-working owner-operators trying to survive in a highly regulated industry, Overdrive became the Voice of the American Trucker.

Study: Focus federal funds on interstates

| August 04, 2010

Without raising the federal gas tax, the federal government could increase spending on interstates by $10 billion a year, the study concluded.

Report: Transport funds needed

Jill Dunn | July 09, 2010

The report warned of highway gridlock and a shortage of train trackage in the future.

To toll or not to toll: In PA I-80 controversy’s wake, debate over road privatization re-emerges

| May 14, 2010

When a Devon, Penn., lawyer representing big commercial construction contractors insists that "Nobody's against this," referring to tolling major interstates as a method of funding their upkeep and expansion, I suspect he's not talked to anyone ...

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