July: Whats Your Best Tip For Cutting Fuel Costs

Track truck maintenance

| July 31, 2013

Keep a record of your truck maintenance. It is a good reference for tracking things like tire wear, parts that have been replaced, or proof of repairs to show prospective buyers should you sell your ...

Check tire pressure daily

| July 31, 2013

Check tire pressure daily with a tire gauge. Tire thumpers are used for insuring tires are still inflated during your driving shift. Proper inflation can save your life.

Close the gap

| July 08, 2013

My best tip from hauling trade shows with a 53-foot van-trailer was to close the gap to at least 28 inches with the rear of the tractor.

Get an APU

| July 08, 2013

“Thermo King Tri Pac helped me save thousands on fuel; not to mention the hours on the main . It’s the best $11,000 I've ever spent, and I don't want another truck without one.” Cody Blankenship Owner-operator, ...

Run slow and steady

| July 08, 2013

Run slow and steady. No jackrabbit starts. Keep RPMs low as you go through the gears. Watch your boost gauge if you have one, and try to keep boost around 10 or under while cruising ...

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