Mailbag: ‘Don’t help the lawyers. Help us.’ –Readers on insurance

In this podcast, readers weigh in on rising insurance costs, urging regulators and congress not to hike minimums, which might well serve only to line the pockets of attorneys and deleteriously affect the trucking business.

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It’s not quite the Maxim ad, but …

A Nashville city bus or two or three has been wrapped with an ad from Bart Durham, the local ambulance chaser, highlighting ... I bet you can guess what.

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Photos posted to Facebook net $1 million crash settlement

Ever posted a photo you took from the driver's seat to Facebook? The plaintiff's bar thanks you.

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Citizen to accident lawyers: Lighten up on anti-truck ads

"How many times a day do you hear on TV ads from lawyers making statements such as, 'big trucks can cause serious injuries?'" So asked a reader, Bill Hughes, of the Tennessean newspaper, based in my home base of Nashville. I know the folks he's talking about, of course, as I'm sure do you in whatever television market you happen to be. Despite the real message such ads deliver -- that truckers and trucking companies can ...

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