longhaul truckers

| July 12, 2010

PIB TIP: FRIDAY BEST DAY FOR FREIGHT. A Friday is usually the best day of the week for freight. Being under a load with the most possible miles over the weekend will make the best ...

| July 06, 2010

PIB TIP: THURSDAYS ARE MAKE OR BREAK. A load picked up Thursday should be short enough, less than 600 miles, to deliver Friday, or should be at least 1,600 miles to go through the weekend. ...

Central Freight Lines driver logs 5 million safe miles

| June 29, 2010

Central Freight Lines company driver Sandy Menzdorf earned the fleet’s 5 Million Miler Award, having logged 5,375,000 miles safely in 43 years of driving long-haul, the Waco, Texas-based carrier announced. Menzdorf began working at age 16 ...

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