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Outside the truck: Ultrarunner to tame the ice roads

Starting Wednesday, reports the Toronto Sun, ultrarunner Alicja Barahona will attempt a 240-mile round-trip haul between Inuvik, north of the Arctic Circle, and Tuktoyaktuk on the shore of the Arctic Ocean on the ice road that is the frozen McKenzie river in Canada's Northwest Territories. Made well-known for the truck travel there when the History Channel series Ice Road Truckers filmed its second season there, the McKenzie River ice road is perhaps as treacherous as they ...

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Got snow?

Here in the Southeast (though in Nashville I'm approaching the region's northern edge), it's been uncommonly wintry this week, as you can see from this pic, taken at the Love's on Trinity Lane at I-65. Further South, things have been much worse, though, evidenced in part by Myrtle Beach, S.C.-based driver Vernon Cook's 24-hour wait at an I-285 junction with I-75 reported on by the Associated Press here. You can be certain he wasn't the only ...

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Driver hours changes: Bummer of a proposal?

Expectation among many haulers leading into FMCSA's Dec. 23 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to change drivers' hours of service regulations was that at least some larger degree of sleeper berth flexibility would be reintroduced in order that, as so many have put it to me over the past year's worth of debating the issue, "truck drivers can sleep when they're tired." It doesn't appear that we've gotten that at all, in spite of all the hope ...

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In defense of food transport

Tip of the hat to Marathon Trucker Jeff Clark for this one (and, readers, if you'll be at the Great American Trucking Show, beginning this coming Thursday, join Clark and I and Jazzy Jordan, among so many others, at Truckers News' Fit for the Road program's Too Hot to Trot 5K Friday morning).... Self-described “liberal curmudgeon” and historian Stephen Budiansky, writing in the New York Times last Friday, took on stats commonly wielded by champions ...

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Fitness and health to be big themes at GATS

Named for the laudable goal of launching truck drivers writ large past the statistical driver's average age of death (less 61 years, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 years younger than the average American), the 61+ Driver Health Awareness Walk of 2010 will take place Aug. 28 at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, one day after Truckers News' Too Hot to Trot 5K run-walk I mentioned briefly in my ...

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Great Rides

I had two great rides on the fat-tire bike this week. One was a rural 15-miler out of West Salem, Wisc. The other was an urban 20-miler through Minneapolis. They were both on trails that I had seen and had been intending to ride for a long time. Neither one disappointed. There is a Cenex truck stop in West Salem, Wisc. (I-90 exit 12). Across the street is the La Crosse River State Trail. This ...

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