Changing tires the old-fashioned way: ‘A Trucker’s Tale,’ part 3

Changing tires the old-fashioned way: 'A Trucker's Tale,' part 3

Part 3 excerpting Ed Miller's "A Trucker's Tale" memoir: "It is a wonder my brothers and I didn't get killed changing tires while we were young."

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Learning to become a truck driver — and to cuss like one: ‘A Trucker’s Tale,’ part 2

Part 2 excerpting Ed Miller's "A Trucker's Tale" memoir: "Tt seemed that every grown man used several cuss words in every sentence. I practiced to myself enough that I could cuss with the best of them before I was out of elementary school. ..."

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‘A Trucker’s Tale,’ part 1: Excerpting a memoir-in-progress from Ed Miller

'A Trucker's Tale,' part 1: Excerpting a memoir-in-progress from Ed Miller

I'm out of office taking a little R&R this week in my onetime hometown of Chicago with some old friends and family. Good news is former trucker Ed Miller of Baltimore, Md., has written a memoir of his trucking days that he's been kind enough to allow us to excerpt here. Miller will be taking over this space today, Thursday and Saturday, so tune back in for further installments in the coming days. Miller's also been ...

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‘Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails’

'Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails'

A memoir by Anthony Swofford, author of "Jarhead," the book takes a look at how quickly a man's life can fall apart with sex, drugs and alcohol, and what it takes to put it back together.

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Long-haul literary: Former owner-operator’s memoir of the life

Long-haul literary: Former owner-operator's memoir of the life

Marc Mayfield (pictured) didn’t set out to write a book when, after a lot of college – “some of it was wasted time,” he says -- and several less-than-successful, half-hearted career choices, he jumped into a job choice he’d long ago entertained as a possibility. “I really enjoyed driving big trucks,” he says, which is evident in the long-haul portrait – warts and all – that is his new literary memoir In the Driver’s Seat: Interstate ...

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