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Restart watch: Whoopi doesn’t get it either

"Attention mainstream media: There are a lot of people out here who think the changes that have been proposed in draft legislation may actually, on the contrary, 'strengthen safety rules,'" contrary to what NYT editorial board thinks is going on in Congress.

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Trucker Tools in the gray lady; Channel 19 getting quieter?

The decline of the CB via the profusion of trucking smartphone apps and the phones themselves gets treatment in the NY Times, and readers weight in on why Channel 19 gotten quieter lately...

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Heads-up: NY Times on truckers’ health

The U.S. newspaper of record, the New York Times, devoted significant ink to many truck drivers' moves toward improving their health in their Monday edition. The primary feature, by Abby Ellin and well-illustrated with pictures of many of the drivers she talked to, charts a rise in concern among industry associations, trucking companies, truck stops (a TA fitness room is pictured here) and others for the industry's drivers -- all well and good (and true, ...

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The great tomato heist — Cargo thieves still operating in plain sight

I missed this report from the New York Times a week and a half back, about a sophisticated cargo-theft ring operating a seemingly legitimate trucking company in Florida, with a twist. The freight targeted wasn't consumer electronics or cigarettes or pharmaceuticals. "The high price of produce, especially for tomatoes after the deep winter freezes," reporter William Neuman leads the Times piece, "has attracted more than heightened attention from consumers. A ring of sophisticated vegetable bandits ...

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Former long-hauler makes N.Y.C. Met opera debut

Carl Tanner (pictured) worked as a long-haul driver before making moves toward pursuing a career in what New York Times writer David Belcher painted as his calling in a piece published in the Times yesterday, available online here. Tanner, by the terms of his contract as stand-by in the role of Dick Johnson in Puccini's "La Fanciulla del West," will perform the role alone, scheduled, at least once. It's happening this evening, and it marks his ...

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Truck driver/author Tim Costello remembered in NY Times

I missed the news of the passing Tim Costello (pictured) in late December last year. Coming across it via the website of the New York Times, which had ran a nice roundup in the paper of his life and work, I'm struck as always by what so many individual haulers are able to accomplish in addition to keeping American supplied in their long paths across the nation's roadways. Costello, 64 when he succumbed to pancreatic cancer last year, spent ...

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