Trucks caught in Charlotte protests this week as unrest spills onto Interstate 85

Photos and videos from Twitter and other social media show fires that were set near trucks and protesters attempting to loot cargo from trailers.

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Ride spokesperson says main goal: Impeach Obama

Trucking grievances taking second stage in the Ride for the Constitution's effort, according to organizers, who have distanced themselves from a driver involved in planning. Find other updates here.

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Port haulers on Occupy actions

The Occupy Wall Street movement claimed solidarity with West Coast port haulers yesterday in efforts with varying success to shut down ports in Southern and Northern California as well as farther north in the Pacific Northwest. Some port haulers reciprocated the gesture. This "Open Letter From America's Port Truck Drivers," for instance, originating from the website of the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports, a multi-partner advocacy group, was signed by five port haulers and ...

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