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FMCSA wants to take CSA hazmat category public, change intervention thresholds

In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is proposing several enhancements for its Safety Measurement System, which the agency uses to measure the safety of motor carriers.

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Decreasing inspections, enforcement variability as movement against CSA gains steam

With Roadcheck ramping up Tuesday, June 2, Overdrive's annual update to the winding CSA's Data Trail shows a downward national inspection intensity trend, though some key states move in the opposite direction.

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Congress’ latest alert over CSA scores

New House bill 1371 would pull carrier CSA scores from public view, require FMCSA to revamp program.

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GAO rep: FMCSA’s app the latest misstep in pushing ‘unreliable’ CSA scores

GAO rep: FMCSA's app the latest misstep in pushing 'unreliable' CSA scores

Susan Fleming of the Government Accountability Office said FMCSA's smartphone app release this week, which highlights carriers' CSA ratings, again exposed the need to remove the scores from public view.

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Inconsistent enforcement: CSA vs. the independent

In the two years since CSA's advent, the smallest carriers have had a much greater chance of getting inspected and put out of service than drivers and trucks of the largest carriers.

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