Chad Boblett trucks up from nothing

The story of how Marine Corps veteran and onetime company driver Chad Boblett drove his independent business to success shows that, sometimes, the big leap pans out, even in this business.

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Knowing if you’re ready to buy

Assessing net worth relative to your age says more than you think about your ability to purchase a truck and succeed as an owner-operator.

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iPhone app as dealer lot

The folks at CommercialTruckTrader.com have introduced the latest in iPhone apps from the heavy duty trucking industry, and with it comes the following slick, simple, well-soundtracked video, detailing the app's truck-searching and social functionality. And thinking about on the past year or so, which saw at least three trucking-related iPhone apps detailed in these pages -- the most interesting being the informational/social Trucker app by the folks at AsktheTrucker.com -- I don't think it's too early ...

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