Video: Truckers rally in Tallahassee, two arrested

The ralliers said they were protesting low rates and working conditions for drivers, high insurance costs and brokers' lack of transparency with truck operators. Two truckers were arrested during the protests for blocking an intersection.

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Florida group plans trucking rally from Miami to Tallahassee for June 6

Florida truckers have come together with plans for a rally ride from Miami to Tallahassee to “express their dissatisfaction” with some specific issues plaguing the industry. A press release issued to Overdrive by Ponce Seoane and Alberto Cruz-Torres, two of the organizers, begins with this appeal: We are a group of owner operators and transportation professionals working together to stop the deterioration of our industry. We provide for an entire nation while barely providing for our own ...

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Checking in with ‘Truckers against CARB’ — rally, public meeting Thursday

Checking in with 'Truckers against CARB' -- rally, public meeting Thursday

Video interview with Loren Hutnick about his "Truckers Against CARB" rally planned for Thursday in Sacramento, as CARB takes up public comment on the flexibility-enhancement provisions it introduced earlier in the year.

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‘Truckers to Shut Down America’ viral meme keeps moving

'Truckers to Shut Down America' viral meme keeps moving

The Facebook page that went viral the third week of September calling for a trucking shutdown was then shut down itself under murky circumstances. Meanwhile, nontrucking promoters move toward a semblance of organization.

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