When a straight 14 might not be the ideal, or safest, option: Four loads over two days in Ohio with Scott Reed

Hear part of Overdrive Senior Editor Todd Dills' many conversations with Buckland, Ohio-based owner-operator Scott Reed over two days on the road in mid-April 2017. It tells the story of what Reed sees as a certainly less-than-ideal hours rule when it comes to his shorter-haul van operation.

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Negotiating the brokerage contract: Back solicitation, detention and more

Leander Richmond of Mich.-based eight-truck Eagle Express Inc. learned the hard way of one broker's no-detention-pay standard policy at first-come first-served shipper/receiver facilities -- likewise the "insulting" offer when he objected.

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One owner-operator’s evolution through continual education: A run with Gary Buchs

From the road with Landstar-leased owner-operator Gary Buchs: This podcast, recorded just prior to the July 4 holiday, ranged across Buchs' business evolution as an owner-operator throughout much of the last decade and a half.

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Mailbag: ‘Major trucking issue’ — detention at shippers/receivers and its income, safety impact

How big is the problem of detention at shippers and receivers for American truckers? For readers of Overdrive, it's a "major issue," in the words of more than one you'll hear in this "mailbag" edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast.

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‘Be the change you want to see’

'Be the change you want to see'

From the cab of Clifford "Dream Walker" Petersen on the state of the industry. Drivers have strength in numbers, and individual actions will go a long way toward improving conditions for owner-operators.

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#TruckThat! social media campaign leading into membership group for drivers

Via mobile app slated to relase in June, the group, One20, will offer deep discounts at stops on bedrock goods and services, from showers, dinner and parking to tires.

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California steamin’ — just say no to being nuts

California steamin' -- just say no to being nuts

Wendy on one driver's trailer-retrofit / delivery nightmare: "I'm no fan of California's prohibitively restrictive laws, but I'm also not a fan of insanity. Just say no to being nuts. Please."

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Yankee Candle creates a new scent called ‘Vitriol’

Yankee Candle creates a new scent called 'Vitriol'

Wendy on the dust-up over a shipper/receiver facility's "no restrooms for drivers" policy: "Unfortunately, the bad apples of the bunch have ruined the sauce for all of us. It's time to cull those tainted fruits."

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The question any independent owner-operator business must answer

“Why is anybody going to use you to ship their material?” -- your business' distinguishing "why you" factor could take many forms, such as in these examples related to specialized equipment, geography and freight niche.

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Parking: Creative approach meets small-minded resistance in Hutchins, Texas

Where parking needs may increasingly be met: Efforts by fleets, shippers and receivers, even your preferred service location, to accommodate overnight truck parking needs.

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