Shoaib Makani

KeepTruckin ELD now on FMCSA’s registry

Since the KeepTruckin logbook app initially launched three years ago, followed by a low-cost ELD in October 2015, the company's undertaken "a full-on effort in both hardware and software development focused on user experience" and with an eye toward compliance with the ELD mandate.

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KeepTruckin plans to offer free ELD to its pre-mandate e-logbook users

That is, should the mandate take effect. With FMCSA hoping for a 2016 compliance date, KeepTruckin says it's developing the hardware to satisfy the ELD mandate now.

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New logging app/dispatching platform seeded by Google Ventures

The new KeepTruckin smartphone app for Android and iOS and web-based dispatching application is a computer-assisted log with much other functionality besides.

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