speed limits

It’s the little things, like Google

Not rocket science: Allow small things to go faster than large things... they'll explode into stardust when they hit the large things.

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Bill introduced in Missouri would boost state top speed limit

Bill H.B. 295 was introduced by Rep. Mike Kelley in the Missouri state house to boost the maximum speed limit possible within the state's borders from 70 to 75 miles per hour.

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ATA asks Texas to reconsider 85 mph highway

The American Trucking Associations is urging the Texas Transportation Commission to reverse its decision to allow vehicles to travel 85 miles per hour on a privately-managed stretch of State Highway 130.

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85 mph speed limit on the horizon?

Two weeks ago, Texas Department of Transportation officials told media sources of a feasibility study to consider an 85 mph speed limit on State Highway 130.

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The Denton, Texas, museum we did not visit

Expediters can be called to work on a moment's notice. Tourist plans today got scrapped when that happened to us.

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Kansas speed limit rises to 75

Beginning July 1, speed limits on divided four-lane highways in Kansas will increase to 75 mph from 70.

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Cranking up the new year — queue everbody’s favorite Sammy Hagar tune, will you?

With unfortunate toll hikes in New York, haulers got another late Christmas gift with the new year in the implementation of an Illinois state law that raised maximum interstate speed limits, formerly split between 55 and 65 mph for trucks and cars, respectively, to an even 65 for both.

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