split sleeper

Livestock haulers’ efforts to secure hours changes in light of ELD mandate, stalled

"We're 100 percent dependent on road transportation of our cattle. Take that away from us and we're back to cattle drives." --Tim O'Byrne of the American Cattle Transporters Advisory Group, a coalition hoping to liberalize split-berth/14-hour regs for livestock haulers in light of ELD mandate.

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More than a typo? Split sleeper wishful thinking

Trans Products / Trans Services Regulatory Manager Rich Wilson, during a break between sessions of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee meeting in Alexandria, Va., early this month, pointed out a couple curious problems with the medical forms some states are using. One, he pointed out, defined stage 3 hypertension as a blood pressure reading of, yes, greater than or equal to "10/90." A typo, definitely, that could easily be fixed. In the context of the hours ...

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