Dining options galore back home yield surprising choice

"For all my moaning about not having a lot of choices on the road, when I do have a choice, I choose something I can get on the road. I don't know if it means I'm just a gripe, or I miss the road so much I need to taste it somehow."

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37 crucial items in case of zombie apocalypse

"When the grid actually does shut down and we have to fend for ourselves, there are going to be some very surprised and ill-prepared Starbucks-swilling scarf wearers out there."

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New website aggregates links to free stuff

Ever wonder how you might get free coffee at McDonald's, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Free Trucker Stuff, launched in May as a portal into free services useful to the American long-hauler, has the answer. Created by a truck stop manager to benefit drivers, the site aggregates various truck stop freebies, industry information, free entertainment and productivity resources such as various online route-planning options. The website also provides truck drivers with a menu of one-click lists of truckstops, ...

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Truckstops = Coffeehouses with copious rig parking?

A new index tracking sales of goods and services at highway truckstops, the McLane-NATSO quarterly index, recently tracked an interesting rise in the sale of hot beverages like coffees, cappucinos and teas at truckstops. That category of sales jumped 34 percent in 2010 compared to the previous year, suggesting to me at least a little more than freight picking up. Turns out NATSO thinks so, too -- in some sense, anyway. "Truckstops ... are continuously diversifying ...

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