Ladies and gentleman, get out your coloring books

"Find a hobby you enjoy – it's good for your mind and that's good for your business."

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How to bring home on the road

While it requires dedication and understanding, and like any family situation, there will be trials and tribulations, having close family ties while being away is absolutely possible.

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Things you should know about heart attacks

Several risk factors you may not have been aware of, from respiratory infections in those with ongoing heart disease to long-term stress of dense traffic.

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Managing stress while marooned without freight

Proactive stress management became necessary today as we spent another day without freight.

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Best jobs of 2011: ‘Truck Driver’ ranks 171st

And that's out of a total 200, listed from "best to worst" by the folks at and publicized in a Wall Street Journal piece early in January. They claim to have based their rankings on five separate factors -- physical demands, work environment, income, employment outlook, and stress -- and "Truck Driver" ratings in those categories all stand at about the middle level. Cumulatively, the often high-stress, physically demanding highway environment, a neutral employment ...

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Daily health tip: One step at a time

Don't allow your to-do list to overwhelm you.

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Daily health tip: Resolve or avoid fights

Learning to avoid or resolve conflict can reduce stress.

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Daily health tip: Remove the stress

Find ways to eliminate stressors from your life.

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Daily health tip: Budget yourself

Sticking to a budget can majorly reduce stress.

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