ELD mandate pre-2000 exemption: How will carriers leasing owner-operators treat it?

Answers here from respondents to a recent carrier survey conducted by CCJ. And: Reader Gary Carlisle's thoughts on the limited potential for the ELD mandate to impact rates for the positive.

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Forgetting a parking place and other highway goofups

If you've forgotten where your truck is parked, you’ve got something in common with most four-wheelers.

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Best coffee on the road?

The Knoxville News-Sentinel newspaper reports that Pilot Travel Centers is launching several new marketing campaigns in our new year, including not only a new Facebook fan page but an extension of the one suggested by the image included here. As News-Sentinel reporters put it, "The company’s fleet of 325 tanker trucks now display the message 'Best Coffee on the Interstate' on the back panel of their trailers, a nod to recent recognition from the readers ...

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