tire pressure

Funding complete for new valve-stem cap with visual pressure indicator

The folks at RightPSI have built a new valve-stem cap made in the U.S.A. and matched to desired tire pressure to give a visual indication when pressure is low or high.

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Stay in control of your warranty

Manufacturers can invalidate warranties for many reasons. Here are some tips to keep you in the clear.

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Tire pressure monitor

The Velcro-mount PressurePro tire pressure monitors contains small sensors that watch tire pressure and warn of tire deflation ahead of time.  The sensors replace the valve stem caps and are easy to install. The product attaches to a dashboard and plugs into a cigarette lighter receptacle, but is also capable of being hardwired. L&S Safety Solutions, tirepressuremonitor.com

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CSA and Tire Basics

Stay out of trouble with the DOT through careful inspections and diligent routine maintenance.

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Roadside Attractions

Interesting and odd parts of trucking, truck gauges, truck gallery and many more industry news items are featured.

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Tire Spec’ing

Keep your No. 2 variable expense to a minimum by spec’ing right.

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Tire pressure monitoring system

The SmarTire tire pressure monitoring system is available at Bendex suppliers and independent aftermarket partners. The sensor monitors temperature and pressure of each tire to provide real-time tire status details.and warnings of tire-related problems to the driver or maintenance technician. The device communicates wirelessly to an on-board receiver, which forwards the information to a 2-in. display installed on the vehicle dash.  BENDIX CVS, www.bendix.com, (800) 247-2725

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