Toby Bogard

The 1,000,000-lb. challenge begins!

Driver Toby Bogard's 1,000,000 Pound Challenge weight-loss competition seeks to encourage and support drivers in their goals of better health. You can register to take part now.

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Saturday round-up: Defining ‘dream girl'; Four-wheeler ed; Christmas already?

Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi says she's a "truck driver in a model's body," Linde North America educates budding four-wheelers on sharing the road, and ... Snap-On hopes it's Christmas -- yes, already.

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Fair or foul? Self-examination via the four-wheeler perspective

We've brought it up from time to time here, no doubt -- no secret that the large majority of on-highway accidents involving large trucks follow an initial mistake made by the driver of a four-wheeled vehicle of one sort or another. By and large, truck drivers are justified in holding a desultory opinion of the piloting abilities of the motoring public writ large, and most keep it high in their minds navigating the nation's highways, ...

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DOT’s happy. You?

A dose of trucking humor, oddities and coverage in the media.

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‘No Zone’ redux

A look at one of the "No Zone" safe-driving advocacy trailers.

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Con-way Truckload driver pens ‘Semi Aware’ book for teen drivers

But it's not just for teens, Toby Bogard says. The Crossville, Tenn., resident and seven-year Con-way Truckload company driver hopes all drivers can get something out of the Semi Aware book.

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