Biological clock stops relationship

Reader wonders if he should tell girlfriend she's too old for him.

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Facebook bragging

  Dear Carolyn, I have a friend who is always bragging on Facebook. She posts pictures of her fabulous life, awesome boyfriend, expensive vacations and newest purchases. I’m barely making it as a single mother of two kids. I drive a truck to pay the bills and would love to walk in her stilettoes for a day or two! I have considered “de-friending” her but outside of Facebook, I like her and she’s been a good friend ...

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I'm Just Say'n: Don't settle!

Dear Carolyn, After years of being alone, I have just started dating a new woman I met online. We get along well but I have to say, I’m just not feeling it. I find myself making excuses to not see her and am increasingly annoyed by little things she does. We have only been dating for a few weeks and I am not sure if I should give it more time? I’m afraid I will end ...

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The truth hurts

Dear Carolyn, Why are you always so sarcastic? Don’t you worry about what people will think? Penelope Dear Penelope, I don’t worry too much about what people think since they don’t do it very often. Besides, as your wingman, I have to tell the truth. Sometimes that may seem harsh and sometimes the humor may sting. The reality is, most people who ask me what to do already know what to do. They need someone to confirm their choices ...

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Don't tell my daughter she's beautiful!

Dear Carolyn, My daughter is an 18-year-old beauty. Men fall out of their chairs when she walks by. I used to be a beauty too but a hard life has wrecked my looks. I know she’s lucky to be so attractive, but to be honest, I worry about it. Men are pigs and she has no idea how much trouble her good looks can bring her.  She’s a smart girl and is going to college to ...

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