Rates, lanes on Labor Day weekend and beyond: A new resource

| August 30, 2014

Where'd you load Friday? As owner-operator Chad Boblett of the Rate Per Mile Masters Facebook group and Rates and Lanes podcast notes, the answer probably had a lot to do with the rate you were ...

Load by phone: How operators are using online tools

| April 15, 2013

Owner-operators' use of online load services varies from occasional use to test the waters in an unfamiliar area to use as a primary freight resource.

Loads on your phone: More board, broker apps

| March 04, 2013

Details of three more smartphone apps -- CHRW Trucks, BulkLoadsNow, and Fikes' Logistics' custom app -- for finding freight in your pocket.

Freight on your smartphone: TransCore app on the way

| April 26, 2011

Coming in just a couple weeks is the My DAT Truck Stop app (pictured) from freight matching service provider TransCore, operator of the oldest load-board service out there in the DAT boards. My DAT will ...

| May 04, 2010

PIB TIP:  MANAGE COST OF TIME TO FUEL. The typical owner-operator carries 200 gallons of fuel or more, but buys only 100 gallons at a time and takes about 45 minutes per stop to fuel. ...

| April 27, 2010

PIB TIP:  GET THE MOST POSSIBLE MILES. Over a weekend, try to make the most of your time. Match your miles with the time you have available to drive. Plan out Friday morning what you ...

| April 21, 2010

PIB TIP: PLAN TRIPS EFFICIENTLY. Deliver as early in the day as possible. On appointment loads, deliver 30 minutes early. An empty trailer gives you more options than a load sitting on your trailer waiting ...

| April 13, 2010

PIB TIP: PLAN AHEAD IN YOUR DOWNTIME: While you have to wait, plan ahead by wiping off reflective tape or by updating your log book, especially the recap, which if maintained can keep you abreast ...

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