trucking families

Needs help with teens

| March 21, 2012

  Dear Carolyn, My teenagers are pushing me off the cliff. They don’t listen to a word I say. What happened? They were so sweet when they were little! I never thought I'd be the kind of ...

John Deere pedal car grand prize in Trucker Charity benefit raffle

| November 18, 2011

And what's best about it all is that the proceeds will go toward benefiting trucking families in need at Christmastime via Trucker Charity's Christmas Group. Tickets to enter the raffle for the car (pictured), which ...

Truckers get a bad rap!

| May 26, 2011

Dear Carolyn, I’m sick and tired of people assuming my husband cheats on me when he’s on the road. We have a strong marriage, a supportive family and great kids. When I tell people what he ...

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