trucking families

Needs help with teens

  Dear Carolyn, My teenagers are pushing me off the cliff. They don’t listen to a word I say. What happened? They were so sweet when they were little! I never thought I'd be the kind of mom who had sullen, bratty teens. Is there anything I can do to get through these years? My husband is always on the road so he’s no help. Sarah   Dear Sarah, The only thing to be done about teenagers is to endure the torture ...

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John Deere pedal car grand prize in Trucker Charity benefit raffle

And what's best about it all is that the proceeds will go toward benefiting trucking families in need at Christmastime via Trucker Charity's Christmas Group. Tickets to enter the raffle for the car (pictured), which was donated by Freedom Air Filters, can be purchased through Paypal via the Trucker Charity website for $3 for a single chance to win, $10 for 11 chances, and $20 for 25. The organization, whose tagline is "Truckers helping truckers," ...

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Truckers get a bad rap!

Dear Carolyn, I’m sick and tired of people assuming my husband cheats on me when he’s on the road. We have a strong marriage, a supportive family and great kids. When I tell people what he does for a living, I get questioned about his fidelity. I know some guys use this job to cover for their bad behavior but I resent all truckers getting lumped into one bad group. What should I say when I ...

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