U.S. Army

From troops to trucking: Former owner-operator’s intensive class for returning soldiers

"I am honored and humbled to be able to share my story as well as my knowledge and experience in the trucking industry with as many service members as I possibly can.” --Former owner-operator and Army Staff Sgt. W. Joel Baker

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UPDATE: ‘Hats for heroes’ special delivery, take two

You will recall my story here about the genesis and progress of Marten Transport driver Candy Bass' "Hats for Heroes" program of providing an outlet for a wide array of trucking industry participants to honor the sacrifices of U.S. soldiers. Well, the past year's volume of hats was significant enough to require more than just a single load of donated hats for the wounded delivered. Owner-operator Brian Chute (pictured here), based in Kansas City, delivered ...

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U.S. Army’s self-driving truck a long way from the action

Check out the latest edition of the DTI, or Defense Technology International, journal, and you'll get an electronic whiff of the latest experiment in a self-driving truck -- this one from Lockheed Martin and steered by the company's Convoy Active Safety Technology, or CAST, being employed on a few prototype U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center trucks on Ft. Hood, Texas. Like the VORAD systems on some commercial rigs on the roads ...

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