Uber Freight

If Trump really wants to save U.S. jobs …

"If he (Trump) cares about the working man, he’ll stop this talk about driverless trucks.” --Trucker Jerry Jackson in Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial about autonomous vehicle tech threats.

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Trucking ‘uberization’ and the ‘new 800-pound gorilla that everyone will have to be aware of’

According to Business Insider writer Eugene Kim's sources, that gorilla is Amazon, who plans to develop an app to help match freight to truckers. Big difference between Amazon and numerous tech start-ups in this space: freight volume, of course.

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‘Legitimate freight options’ — old ways in new times

There's many ways to skin the cat on freight -- in response to a reader question about legitimate freight options, an update on newer load boards/marketplaces and mobile-optimized brokerages and a revisit to tried-and-true methods, doing the hard work, etc. ...

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