Wall Street Journal

Strong voices on parking

Conversations on the situation continue in the wake of mainstream media attention to truckers' parking needs.

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Parking shortage hits the mainstream

A Wall Street Journal story last week took on the issue of the difficulties faced by truckers finding a safe parking spot in widespread congested areas around the nation.

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Ranking jobs: Truck Driver gains while Publication Editor plummets

At No. 108, though, 'Truck Driver' falls far behind the No. 1 occupation of 'Actuary,' a sort of glorified statistician of sorts -- meaning FMCSA's CSA team might have the best job in the country?

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Too big for Texas?

For one Texas rest stop: Trucks. And if ATA's Bill Graves has his way, the 85 mph speed limit on a stretch of State Highway 130.

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Best jobs of 2011: ‘Truck Driver’ ranks 171st

And that's out of a total 200, listed from "best to worst" by the folks at careercast.com and publicized in a Wall Street Journal piece early in January. They claim to have based their rankings on five separate factors -- physical demands, work environment, income, employment outlook, and stress -- and "Truck Driver" ratings in those categories all stand at about the middle level. Cumulatively, the often high-stress, physically demanding highway environment, a neutral employment ...

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Introducing Wayne Dollar, a story-telling quilter who loves trucking, too

Though he perhaps needs no introduction, since you may have met him at his booth at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas last year, owner-operator Wayne Dollar (pictured), 54, not only stitches his own quilts, he's been winning awards with three of his uniquely themed creations since he started making them last summer. A trucking-themed quilt, with the moniker "Trucking Around" (also pictured), won first place at the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo, Texas, last year, and The ...

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Long-haul quilting bee

This blog, in addition my Exit Only column in Truckers News, has been in part devoted to the off-highway pursuits of the nation's haulers. It'd be impossible for me to count the drivers I've talked to engaged in advocacy, trucking image-buiding efforts, music, arts, new-media activities and so much more. But the Wall Street Journal has just scooped me big-time by highlighting a driver pursuit that might be about as far away from your father's downtime activity as is possible. ...

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