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Wendy Parker

The brotherhood exists

| August 14, 2013

This past weekend, our family had an occurrence that no family should ever have to endure. Our nephew left home under strange circumstances and basically disappeared for two days. As it turned out, our story had a happy ending and he was found, but the terror and feelings of helplessness my brother and sister-in-law endured for those 48 hours were something I can’t imagine and don’t ever want to.

My first response to them was, “Let me put the word out to the truckers. If he’s on the highway, they’ll find him for us.” And when I made that statement, I knew as well as I was standing there it was true.

I love truckersPeople say there is no brotherhood on the road any more, and I think that’s an untrue statement. The truckers I’ve met personally and the ones we’ve grown to know through social media are some of the most caring and helpful individuals I’ve ever known. They don’t hesitate to carry a stuffed animal and take pictures all around the country for a kid who can’t travel because he has renal failure, they don’t think twice about looking goofy to other people for the love of a sick kid. It’s heartwarming to see a big ol’ trucker holding a little green dinosaur and posing in front of state signs, just so a child can live vicariously through their travels. Truckers are good like that, and I’m proud to be in cahoots with their ilk.

You can disassociate yourself from the profession in any way you’d like — I saw the same thing in the nursing field. RNs don’t hold themselves on the same level as LPNs, surgical nurses don’t feel a kinship with office nurses. Whether or not any of them realize it, they’re all still nurses, and each is held to the very same oath of “Do No Harm,” regardless of their position. You can call yourself a paid tourist, freight hauler, or rolling funwagon — it doesn’t matter, you’re still a truck driver and you’re bound to uphold the same laws as every other professional holding a CDL out there. It is the one and only thing that’s always the same, no matter what you call yourself or your attitude toward the industry.

I want to personally thank the people who cared enough to help us look for our nephew this weekend. More than 10,000 shares of his photograph went out in less than 4 hours, just from the truckers and their families. You made a difference in our lives with your compassion, just like you make a difference in the lives of every person in America, every day. Thank you for who you are, and thank you for what you do.

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  • No Reform drivey Trookay…..chofer de 48 estatos….

  • Wendy Parker

    Nice. I believe my Daddy would have said, “You’re one of those people who could screw up an ice cream cone.” Seriously man, I appreciate the reads, but this was a heartfelt thank you to the people who helped us. C’mon.

  • No Reform

    We could use an Investigative Journalist to research why, how, and the Number of illegal aliens are driving these trucks. Countless court cases provide proof that deadly accidents involved illegal aliens driving Semi Trucks. They can easily run to mexico if they Bail Out..from jail..if arrested. They FLOOD the southwest..working for “logistics companies” and have secret ways of being employed…Tax ID numbers instead off SS.
    They haul huge amounts of Freight thus taking JOBS from all truckers and keeping wages and Rates low. Cops just wave them thru the weigh station…WHY?? Why does ICE have no interest in this? Chicago has a Russian and Pakistan illegal alien Trucker thing going on. Illinois just passed law so illegals can have License…any license including class A CDL. This is affecting all AMERICAN TRUCKERS as much as any issue we face today…our market is Flooded with “truckers” who have no right to be on our roads and if they were gone tomorrow I would say they comprise 20% of the Truck Drivers…we would be able to FUNCTION. As it is we are quickly REPLACED by these unauthorized “drivers”..and LOADS are given to these Low Bidders. This issue is not addressed or even KNOWN about much….politically incorrect…but so destructive and Unfair to Americans. Even as a hobby you might find interesting the scope and size of this issue…tracing the mechanics of this “operation” they come from a village and work in Fontana?
    The whole thing is fascinating.

  • No Reform

    I hope you see my desperate communique to you beforemy computer is Blacked Out and aBlack Helicopter strts hovering overhead….

  • No Reform

    The CSA program is one thing…but this other issue using illegal foreigners to do our jobs is an orchestrated effort it seems and is systematically destroying the chance for Americans to work in a free market.

  • No Reform

    It is not a free market is is being controlled, manipulated…to the benefit of Non truckers for sure..

  • Wendy Parker

    Hey, I totally agree, but like I said, this was a thank you note to the truckers. And I’ll look into the article. I’m no investigative reporter, but I’d love to see those numbers if they’re solid and accurate.

  • Ray

    You’re a moron. A racist, ignorant, uninformed moron.

  • No Reform

    LOL….must have hit a nerve.

  • Ray

    If you’re implying that I’m one of the people you’re talking about, you’d be wrong. I just think people like you are fucking idiots.

    And you know what? I’d be happy to see Mexicans, Russians, Pakistanis, etc. take as many of the trucking jobs as they can get if it means pushing assholes like you out of the industry.

  • No Reform

    If you would “be Happy” to see foreigners take all the trucking jobs then you obviously are not a driver.

  • Ray

    Actually, I’ve been driving for 27 years. But it’s worth a few jobs to keep “the brotherhood” from including guys like you. I live in Southern California and I haven’t lost one load to an “illegal”. Still making plenty of money.

  • Ucon

    Could you please cite your resources for the data (i.e. 20% of truckers are illegal, countless court cases provide proof…) contained in your arguments. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.