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The last topic safe from the PC cops

I recently wrote a very silly blog post about potholes in Oklahoma. I referenced tiny (imaginary) Mexican villages inside the potholes. Mind you, I was talking about something imaginary, and extremely silly, and meant absolutely nothing by it. I was dinged almost immediately for “badmouthing the entire Mexican race” by a commenter on the Facebook page.

Really? Seriously? You’re kidding, right?

First of all, Mexican isn’t a race, it’s a nationality. If you’re going to insist someone is a bigot, at least know what the definition of race is. Had I said, “dirty Mexican villages” or “stupid Mexican villages,” I could see the rub, but I did no such thing, and I wouldn’t. Not because I’m politically correct, but because it would have been an unfair generalization, and rude. I used the word because I’ve seen some extraordinary little Mexican villages, and while I was writing the piece about imaginary things in potholes, the image popped into my head.

I’m not going to lie, I was hot to trot about the comment. It rankled me to the point of commenting back, which is something I rarely do. I stomped around my office all day, and sent a mean e-mail to a very nice editor, who thought it might be best to remove the word Mexican. I pitched a hell-raising fit, the nice editor changed his mind, and I haven’t been sued yet for hurting someone’s feelings, so I think it’s all water under the proverbial bridge at this point.


The last safe topic in America?

Being politically correct has become more important than being sane and rational in this country. People have become so hyper-sensitive about anything and everything, it’s almost impossible to write about subjects other than plain, white bread in a brown paper wrapper. And that sentence just pissed off three white people and at least one brown one. (Why is she picking on white bread? Oh, so brown isn’t good enough for the bread, it has to be the wrapper? She’s racist. Kill her.) Also, bread-truck drivers hate me now. See how silly this is getting? It would be funny if it were an exaggeration, but it’s so close to the truth, it’s scary.

One of our readers, Bruce, had this to say about the PC disease,

“My opinion is that being politically correct actually fuels hate in people.”

Can I get a witness? When you give people even more reasons to hate one another, they do. There will always be racism, sexism, and general grumpiness and you can insist on all the PC you want: it won’t make it go away. My complete ban on the N-word hasn’t caused the Klan to fold, and it never will. Because I’m not responsible for the actions of the Klan, I’m responsible for me. And although I absolutely do not condone their actions or beliefs, I cannot change them. I can only conduct myself in a manner that’s as completely different from them as possible, and hope to set an example for others to do the same.

My home town has recently announced there will be no prayer at the graduation ceremonies, due to it being offensive to a small group of people. This is in South Georgia, people, the metaphorical buckle of the Bible Belt. When they stop praying in South Georgia, there’s a serious problem. Whatever happened to, “If you don’t like it, don’t look at it”? No one is forcing anyone to pray. You don’t even have to close your eyes and bow your head. They would just like to have a nice invocation, like they have every single year since the very first graduating class walked. But because someone feels slighted by a prayer, it has to be banned for everyone. How is that fair or right? Whatever happened to majority rules? And why are all these rabid people unable to see the amount of hate they’re fueling with this? There are ten times as many hurt by it as helped.

I had intended to make this a feature piece, but the more research I did, the angrier I got. I can’t present it in an unbiased manner, therefore it’s a blog post, where it can be considered strictly my opinion and people can be all mad at me, personally, instead of Overdrive.

Here’s a really simple rule of thumb: if it sounds ridiculous, it probably is. Here’s another one: if you don’t like it, don’t do it, but don’t keep the people who like it from doing it. And finally: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Look how simple that was, and it didn’t require governmental intervention or an act of (gasp – yes I’m going there) God to get the point across.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on my raincoat in preparation for the crapstorm this post will cause. Happy Non-Denominational, Unaffiliated Wednesday!

  • SalenaLettera

    Your line, “Being politically correct has become more important than being sane and rational in this country.” is spot on. It’s more than annoying.

    I do find it interesting though, that someone on a trucking page defended Mexicans since it seems most of the comments that float around Overdrive regarding the subject of Mexican anything are some of the most racist I’ve ever seen.

    Still, I read your post and got exactly what you meant. There wasn’t even a hint of impropriety there.

    Salena Lettera

  • Wendy

    Thanl you, Selena. I love your blog and can’t wait to meet you in person. I consider your support the highest of compliments. Be safe out there!

  • Wendy

    Oh my gosh I hate autocorrect so much. Salena, not Selena.

  • jj

    screw Mexico

  • jj

    I think of Mexico when I flush the toilet

  • William McKelvie

    That’s comedy central material there. Glad to see I am not the only one that the feelgooders and pc police come after. Now I don’t FEEL so alone, lol. Welcome to real life? lol.

  • Roger Dargusch

    Bigots responding to a funny article aren’t the norm, and it’s so unfortunate that you or the editors are put in a bad position. Keep on truckin’, Wendy!

  • Marissa

    Your original comment was pretty innocuous and I’d have just ignored anyone insisting otherwise. Sometimes people just get off on being angry.

    But, Wendy, your idea of political correctness and and the state of racism in this country seems as flawed as the person who called you on it. You have the luxury of being the majority, as you mentioned, so you don’t see how your everyday actions and thoughts can affect the lives of minorities. For instance, how a black man/woman versus a white man of the same credentials will not get equal consideration, no matter how good the interviewer is about not saying the “N” word. It’s about perception, and we have a warped one sometimes.

    Basically, being politically correct isn’t always something worth brushing off, (but being clearly insane is). You don’t have to be a card-carrying member of the KKK to make the world a worse place.

  • Wendy Parker

    I appreciate the comment and you raise a valid point. However, you assume I’ve always been a majority and nothing could be further from the truth. I was raised in downtown Atlanta during the integration push for public schools. I was one of four white kids in the entire school for my elementary school career. I understand racism on a level a lot of white people may not. I know very much what being the minority feels like. Instead of crying about it, I learned to accept that it was a fact in my life and lived with it. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it taught me to treat people with respect, no matter what their race, religion, sex or sexual preference be. It all boils down to a basic respect for mankind, without having to make laws and rules about it.

  • joe bielucki

    it is not helpful that everyone gets a participation award, rather than first, second,third place anymore. we dont want that kid who is in left field picking his nose with his glove on his head to feel left out. hmm why even try then? thats pc, not in our house. God Bless you Wendy & George. it starts with us being honest, you suck nose picker, work harder maybe you will get a blue ribbon.

  • Kurt Keilhofer

    Heck, my geezerly ear hairs are still upset about the comment you made about the sleezy billboard! At least when you know you are offending people it means that you have readers, and that is the real point of writing. Keep up the good work.

  • I depend on truckers.

    Spot on!! It drives me crazy too!
    Are you related to Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes?

  • James M.Stepp

    I declared war on PC a couple of years ago. If a person is so thin-skinned that a word or two can ruin their self worth or their national pride,they’re ill equipped to survive in today’s America. I’ve been called pretty near every insult that can be spelled in English,but I really don’t give a damn. People-say what you MEAN! No need to soft-pedal or sugar coat it-that PC junk just leaves more opportunities for misunderstandings and for people to NOT get the point we’re trying to convey.

  • James M.Stepp

    Valid points,Marissa,but what about the white guy who can’t get a job because the employers are AFRAID to pass up a black applicant who may or may not be of equal capabilities? Please don’t think I’m using hypotheticals here-I went through 3 years of that and saw it time after time. A couple of employers even admitted that to me. I’ve always believed it doesn’t matter who or what you are-if you’re the most qualified,YOU should get the job,(and I’ve lost out on a LOT of good jobs because I just wasn’t the best guy for the job) but I’ve seen less qualified applicants get the jobs BECAUSE they were minorities. Two sides to each coin. If employers would start selecting their new hires for their abilities instead of the Government’s quotas,things would be much better all around. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.