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| April 07, 2005

One-piece Grip
Phillips Industries’ new Gladiator Grip twists on between the gladhand and air coil for a more durable and stronger connection, says the company. No assembly is required, and it’s easier to install or replace than the plastic two-piece grips.

The Gladiator Grip’s design provides leverage for coupling and uncoupling gladhands. “The Gladiator Grip is manufactured from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum for strength and color-anodized to Mil-A-8625, type II for durability and easy identification,” says Eric DeWilde, director of research and development for Phillips Industries. “It is designed to withstand the roughest handling and harshest road salts, including magnesium chloride.”

Phillips Industries also debuted an improved website with frequent editorial, press releases and link updates.

Phillips Industries
(800) 423-4512

Keyless Entry
Remote keyless entry will now be an option for Kenworth’s T2000 model.
This product is robust enough to meet the demands of professional truck drivers, says David Warren, Kenworth’s product marketing manager. The remote for the system underwent rigorous testing that included being submersed in water, frozen and going for a spin in a washing machine and drier.

Users of the remote keyless entry product will be able to unlock driver and passenger doors separately and lock all doors at the same time, according to Warren. Parking lights will flash to signal the desired action has taken place.

The system also contains secure rolling code technology that prevents someone from recording the entry signal and unlocking the doors without a remote programmed for that vehicle.
In addition, a kit and wiring harness will be available to retrofit the system to older T2000s.

Kenworth Truck Company

More Engine Options
Autocar is expanding its list of engine offerings in 2004 Xpeditor WX, WXR and WXLL low-cab-over engine truck models.

Specially engineered “V-rated” engines from Cummins will include the ISM-EGR 285V with 285 horsepower and 1,050 pounds-feet of torque, and the ISM-EGR 320V with 320 hp and 1,150 pounds-feet of torque. Both engines will be available in the Xpeditor WXLL model in May, the WX in June and WXR in July.

Cummins ISM V-rated engines are specifically engineered for severe-duty vocational vehicles. The Cummins EGR engines are fully compliant with October 2002 emissions standards, and Autocar becomes the first LCOE truck manufacturer to offer them.

Autocar will also offer the Caterpillar C-10 diesel bridge engine and the C-10 dual-fuel version. The C-10, an engine with a successful track record in tough applications, is rated at 305 hp with 1,050 pounds-feet of torque.

It will be available in WX models beginning in June and in the WXR in July.
All 2004 Xpeditor models with these engine offerings will be built beginning in mid-March at Autocar’s new manufacturing facility in Hagerstown, Ind.

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