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| April 07, 2005

CyberLock is ideal for applications such as padlocks securing transported freight, gated areas and cargo storage containers, the company says. Padlocks retrofitted with CyberLock cylinders also can be a solution where there are security concerns at remote sites and facilities. Because there are no batteries in these cylinders and no wires to install, CyberLock can go virtually anywhere.

The CyberLock system consists of the pick-proof CyberLock cylinder and a CyberKey that cannot be duplicated. The access privileges and battery power are located in the CyberKey. Each time a CyberKey opens a CyberLock, a record of the user ID, date and time is stored in both the key and the cylinder, creating both a lock and key history.

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Lead-acid Batteries
Delco Remy’s Road Gang Premium Electrical Systems now feature a new family of advanced, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.

The new Road Gang batteries, manufactured by Delphi Automotive Systems, enhance the performance and cost-efficiency of Road Gang Premium Electrical Systems, which include Delco Remy’s exclusive heavy-duty brushless alternator with remote sense and temperature compensation, overcrank-protected starter with new semi-solid link technology and low voltage disconnect box, says the company.

The new family of Road Gang batteries features a wrought lead-calcium grid and heat-sealed cover, mechanically welded plates with central lug connections for vibration resistance, cold-drawn micro-structured alloy grids and corrosion-resistant plates.

Delco Remy

New Steer Tire
Goodyear’s new commercial, long-haul steer tire, the G395 LHS steer, is designed for use with over-the-road fleets and owner-operators.

“We have developed an “evolving five-rib tread design which features a barrel footprint to optimize tread wear performance,” says Ted J. Fick, vice president of Goodyear’s commercial tire division. “The tire was also designed to be a tire within a tire, which means exceptional performance through each stage of wear. As the original tread wears down, jagged/angled groove walls across the footprint are exposed to maximize traction and handling and give better bite.”

The G395 LHS is manufactured with Goodyear’s Integrated Manufacturing Precision Assembly Cellular Technology (IMPACT) – a process so precise that tires coming off the line are virtual clones of each other, the company says. Goodyear also inspects the tires with X-ray technology.

The G395 LHS design features lateral sipes and slots on the three main ribs to provide excellent traction and handling, the company says. All five ribs feature edge blades for increased treadwear performance. The G395 LHS also utilizes Goodyear’s ECD, (Enhanced Casing Design) puncture-resistant, 4-belt package that features high-tensile steel on the three lower belts. The top belt is made with polyamide to protect the steel belt package from moisture.

Goodyear is offering a program allowing buyers of the G395 LHS to test the tires themselves. “If the G395 LHS doesn’t exceed the verified miles to removal of the customer’s current steer tire, we’ll retread the G395s free of charge,” Fick says.


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