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Todd Dills

The price of ingenuity

| February 02, 2009

A perhaps unique scam comes to light via, in a report on 50-year-old trucker Allan Flores, who in January was charged with “theft of services and deceptive business practices,” as reported. What he allegedly did was avoid a cumulative $1,200 in tolls on the George Washington Bridge to Manhattan via a manual flip-up rig controlled from that cab that was tied to his front plate, allowing him to manually hide his number from video cameras by revealing a plate so grease-smudged it was illegible, Port Authority officers said. We know it’s common for some owner-operators to install flip kits to front bumpers, at great expense, but Flores’ custom addition, relatively cheap in terms of up-front costs, if he’s found guilty could well prove an expensive mod indeed. . .

  • Anonymous

    heeey cops,brokers,company owners,shipping companies… hear this out… when a 50 y/o man exposes himself to this big embarressement everyone should look at the picture… but not the cold way…. everyone should get on this guy shoes and annalize the reason or perhaps the reasons why this owner operator had exposed himself while stealing the tolls… while tires, oil, services directly or indirectly related with the trucking industry are hikking up the cost… WE owner operators are just getting soffocated on the dayli basis… while the companies that we work for are looking for new ways to steal the narrow proffit range that is left for us… while cops with the aoutrageous tickets tariffs, sometimes take more than one or two days of our hard earned money… while brokers only focus on squeeze more juice out of the independients…while the state and the goverment of this nation just turn their back on us… what do we’ve left to survive?????…. i dont judge the guy… i support him!!!!!! regardless the damage he might’ve cause …..

  • Todd Dills

    The price for a five-axle truck to cross the George Washington Bridge, figured per mile, these days is a whopping $40-per-mile.

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