The Upside of Downtime

| April 07, 2005

Or how about carrying a chess set, checkers, playing cards or dominoes. These games provide a wonderful pastime and offer challenges at truckstops in all corners of the country. Bridge may sound like a game for highbrows, but when it comes to cards it is a game that can take a lifetime to learn and be as inspirational to those who love to play as sky-diving is to our flatbedder. The Internet also offers links so that you can play live board or card games with other players anywhere in the world.

Remember, boredom is not relaxing. It is stressful. Finding an activity that gives a sense of accomplishment restores the positive mental attitude it is very easy to lose on the road. And that positive attitude is a primary player in being able to achieve that state of relaxed readiness that driving requires.

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