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Max Heine

These are the most annoying drivers and driving habits

| November 19, 2013

Who are the most annoying drivers? For you, it’s a simple answer: four-wheelers, at least the bad ones.

The same question was put to four-wheelers, and their responses were based on relationships. The top three, in order: my spouse, a friend, my mother.

Survey respondents say one of the most irritating behaviors is drivers talking on a cell phone.

Survey respondents say one of the most irritating behaviors is drivers talking on a cell phone.

If you’re wondering about that leading “spouse” response, women were slightly more likely to choose “my husband” than men were to choose their wives.

The survey was done by Insure.com, which  provides information on auto insurance and other forms of insurance.

Respondents also rated most annoying driving habits. Many of you would agree with #1 (following others too closely), but I think you would rank higher #4 (cutting off other drivers) and #5 (talking on cell phone while driving).

However, that spread was narrowed when readers ranked “irritation level,” which seems redundant with “annoying,” but whatever. The behaviors picked most often for the most severe irritation (“I can’t stand it”) were using cell phone, following, cutting off, and another: “failing to stay in their lane.”

So comment below: What do you see as the most annoying driving behavior or driver type?

And for the complete results:

Who is the most annoying driver?

  1. My spouse: 36 percent
  2. A friend: 22 percent
  3. My mother: 16 percent
  4. My father: 9 percent
  5. Other: 8 percent
  6. My teen son: 5 percent
  7. My teen daughter: 4 percent


The most annoying driving habits are:

  1. Following others too closely: 14 percent
  2. Driving too fast: 13 percent
  3. Driving too slowly: 10 percent
  4. Cutting off other drivers: 8 percent
  5. Talking on cellphone while driving: 7 percent
  6. Merging too slowly onto the highway: 6 percent
  7. Getting lost: 6 percent
  8. Taking inconvenient and/or long routes: 6 percent
  9. Fiddling with radio/CD player: 6 percent
  10. Failing to stay in their lane: 6 percent
  11. Not signaling: 5 percent
  12. Taking turns sharply: 5 percent
  13. Looking at passengers while talking: 4 percent
  14. Braking at green lights: 4 percent


How do you react to annoying driving?

  1. I comment: 42 percent
  2. I don’t say a word: 20 percent
  3. I grab the door handle or dashboard: 16 percent
  4. I yell: 11 percent
  5. I make faces or noises: 9 percent
  6. Other: 2 percent
  • Tom T

    This would probably fall under number 4 (cutting off other
    drivers) but on many occasions particularly in N.J. and M.d.
    I have had drivers in rush hour traffic, in the left lane of a
    three lane highway slam on the brakes and cross two lanes
    of traffic when they were 50 ft. from an exit ramp. Sometimes
    they made it, and sometimes I`ve seen them in my mirrors
    backing up on the shoulder of the highway. Smart.
    Common sense of course would dictate getting off at the
    next ramp, but then who drives with common sense in a
    me first society.

  • James

    That “me first society” part says it all. I got next to a guy at a traffic light a couple of months ago,signaled him to roll his window down,and pointed out that just while I was following him,he’d drifted back and forth across two lanes,sped up to 20mph over the speed limit,slowed to 15mph under the speed limit and damned near got hit twice changing lanes without looking for cars or signaling,and never DID see the cars he narrowly missed. He threw down his cell phone,told me to mind my own f***ing business and offered to kick my a$$. Kinda scares me to know people like that actually qualify for Drivers Licenses. They should be prohibited by law from operating anything bigger than a can opener.

  • Tom T

    James. Hate to say it, but in some states they don`t even need to be citizens or speak English or even read or write without help.
    They provide interpreters. Given the wide spread use of drugs, and the weak job market and the increased traffic, some people would actually kill themselves and maybe someone else just to get to work on time, when if they left 5 mins. earlier, they
    would not have to. No one seems to care anymore. Just get out of my way, your holding me up.

  • http://www.truckertwotimes.com/ Truckertwotimes

    I held in the resentment so long that it had no where to go but into depression

  • Tom T

    Oh, don`t do that. One way to get over it is to say to yourself, your getting paid to sit in this backup and their not. Also you could think that some of these
    are likewise being punished as they more than likely have high car payments for a high horse powered
    everything on it deluxe, ‘I love my car’ and can`t go anywhere. Now that has to be frustrating. As soon
    as they see daylight, their off only to stop again a short distance later. It has to be amusing.

  • Guest

    An 18 wheeler driving the same speed as the one in front of him/her, then he/she tries to pass going up hill, ridiculous and dangerous, why not wait till your going down hill, and not hold up faster traffic.

  • Debieve

    Trucker’s Lament

    I know I’m hard to understand
    I have these moods you see
    I’m just another trucker and
    that 4-wheeler’s annoying me!

    I started out me long day
    hoping not to be
    on anybody’s bad side but
    that $-wheeler’s tailgating me!

    I’m starting up a big hill
    I hope he understands
    that while he’s kissing
    my back door, I’m losing RPM’s!

    I see him come around me
    he cut’s me off with ease
    smiles..slams his brakes on
    now he’s going slower than me!

    So as I come around him
    I drop another gear
    I glance to see him sitting there
    smiling ear to ear!

    What he doesn’t understand is
    I respect this big machine
    I won’t play the games that he does
    for anyone or anything!

    I make my living driving
    cross country from here to there
    and the last thing that I need
    Is a 4-wheeler in my hair!

    copyright DEB

  • John

    Load weight and speed limiters are the main things. If both trucks are limited to 65MPH and the one with the light load wants to pass when navigating a lot of hills, then the only time he can pass is when he is going up the hill.

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