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This tax break survived – and can benefit you

| January 03, 2013
  • Shayne MacKinnon

    I wish everyone would get over this love of Kevin Rutherford/ATBS BS. When he had “The Alliance” he claimed that ATBS was the worse company on earth (personal conversation with Kevin) and I should never let them do my taxes and use his company. So I let them, and low and behold, he cheats his partners and sells out to none other than ATBS. Can we say lair?

  • Rodney Brannan

    I got over Kevin Rutherford when said he said he didnt know anything about the Indiana fuel tax surcharge years ago. And he was suppose to have owned trucks.

  • justin

    overall I agree with this article, however there is really no better tax treatment of an HSA over a normal plan, so you are not getting $750 extra… in a traditional plan, you pay the extra $5k or so in premiums but are deducting it all anyway, saving the same $750. The big benefit I see is if you can afford to go ahead and max out the contributions to the HSA, your annual out of pocket max seems to be no worse and if you happen to have few medical expenses you get to keep those savings for future years. Now if only doctors and hospitals would be required to be more transparent to patients in their fees could we truly benefit from “consumer directed” healthcare. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.