Three Trucker Talent finalists headed for Dallas

Online audience voting for Overdrive-Red Eye Radio’s Trucker Talent Search, brought to you by Delo, has ended, and the votes have been tabulated. The three singing truckers who will compete live for the top prize are:

Brad James, company driver, Barr-Nunn Transportation

Jennie Simpson, owner-operator, Landstar

Keith Sampson, owner-operator, Landstar Ranger

Honorable mentions are:

Jerry Andrews
Dennis Ebers
Bill Evans
Mike Lawrence
Jerry Littig
David Muggeridge
Rickey Whipple

Visit Trucker Talent to see the rest of the nominees’ videos. The songs range in genre from country to rock to patriotic favorites.

The three finalists, selected through a combination of the online audience voting and a judging panel, will attend The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas in August and will compete live for first place. Red Eye Radio will award the finalists each a pair of Justin boots, and the first-place winner will receive a Cobra GPS and CB.

  • James

    It’s not surprising that Brad James is on this list considering the magazine has already done two articles on him. One in March and then again in May.

  • kyslim

    Do you deny that he is the best?

  • lorrie howe

    WTG Brad Knew you could do it! I;m soo excited that you made top 3 and are going to Dallas. Best of luck, you got this!

  • James

    His song, while humorous and spot on how we sometimes feel while at the dock, I do feel there were better singers. But as the rules for the contest stated “An editorial panel reserves the right to overrule fan voting to help decide who will be entered in the final round” (how to enter part b) and then “relevance and interest of the finalist’s musical abilities to Overdrive magazine readers”(part c). It just seams to me that the whole thing was designed with him in mind. The article from March even credits him with giving them the idea for the contest. Don’t get me wrong, he is a decent singer but there were better.

  • BradFan

    Brad u rock!! U definately got this one!! Congrats! Good Luck!!

  • Joyce Lewis

    I knew that Brad James going to be in the top three. Congrats Brad James. Go and win for the people in Florida and your family . Good luck Brad James.

  • kyslim

    No one else was even close!!

  • James

    I’m sure some of the fans of those honorable mentions up there, not to mention the other two finalist’s, would beg to differ. However, you are entitled to your opinion. I respectfully disagree.

  • rickey whipple

    I am happy for the three folks who won.
    My point was not nessessarly to hopefully win the contest but I accomplished another goal and that was to get my face and music out there…I hope you enjoyed it.
    Thank you overdrive for giving me the oppertunity

  • Connie Ne

    BRAD Gets my VOTE

  • Connie Ne

    Brad Get’s My VOTE

  • Connie Ne

    HAVE YOU A Deaff EAR He is great. Brad Gets my vote. I can not beleave he is still driving a darn old truck. Hay Brad sing another one please.

  • Bonnie Ruest

    Alright Brad knew you would make it and congrats to others as well

  • jdg

    You do have a point, I even wrote Overdrive about that article in March and asked if they did not consider that a conflict of interest and was this contest created for Brad however I got no response. He does sing good with karaoke however lets here him sing live with a band. That will show his true talent. Good luck to all the contestents and congraulations.

  • cf

    Sorry but there is nothing wrong with driving a darn old truck. On another note there are a lot better singers out there than Brad and they are not asking for money from their fans to be able to make a cd. $50,000 get real, go out and work for it.

  • norman ott

    How about something original

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  • Wondering

    Out of the top three Brad has the winning voice I think. The others sing all right…But Brad nails it. :D Go Brad! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.