Three in a Tree Stand

| April 07, 2005

“We sat there, not moving until well after the sun came up,” recalls Kevin. “We were cold and hungry. About 9:30 a.m., I said ‘Okay let’s go get something to eat.’

That’s when Tyler spotted a doe coming out of the woods about 60 yards away. It was a legal deer, and it was Tyler’s turn to shot.

“But he kept the safety on and he turned to Kristin and told her ‘since you missed your last shot, you shoot instead of me.’ But she told him no, it was his turn, he should take it,” Kevin says. “Just then a buck came out behind the doe. The debate ended, Tyler agreed it was his turn and slid off the safety. I told him ‘take it easy, Son, if he’s real big it may be my turn.’”

Tyler aimed his 30.06 at the 6-point buck and fired.

The buck began to run. “Tyler wanted to fire again to make sure,” Kevin says. “He was worried the animal would struggle into the woods. But it was a perfect shot. After 20 yards he fell.”

Kevin says what happened later that day makes him think he’s raising good kids and good hunters. After his kill, Tyler could still legally shoot another deer. The youngster went into an uncle’s tree stand that afternoon and waited. When his father went to get him, Tyler had not even slid the safety off. But he had seen four deer. “They weren’t big enough,” he told his father, “and there was no sense in shooting just to shoot something.”

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