Three trucking companies’ authority revoked for safety, commercial violations

| July 17, 2013

After months-long investigations into three Chicago-area moving companies, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration announced it has revoked authority for White Glove Relocation Services, Able Moving and Best Price Moving & Storage for safety violations and for holding loads hostage.

White Glove Relocation, based in Aurora, Ill., was shut down for safety violations that include failing to implement proper drug and alcohol testing procedures for drivers and using a driver not medically qualified. The carrier also held shipments hostage, misled in advertising and billed clients excessively for moves, FMCSA said. It is not allowed to operate in interstate commerce.

Able Moving, based in Cicero, Ill., and doing business as Father & Sons Moving Service, held loads hostage and also failed to implement proper drug and alcohol testing programs. It, too, is not allowed to operate in intersatte commerce.

Lastly, Best Price Moving & Storage based in Chicago was shut down for billing clients excessively and providing false documents purporting to release the carrier from liability. It also failed to maintain driver qualification files and failed to maintain driver duty status records. The company has, however, been allowed to resume operation with a rating of “Conditional,” and the agency will monitor its compliance.

More than 5,800 household goods moving companies are registered with FMCSA. In 2012, FMCSA received more than 3,100 consumer complaints about household goods movers, up from 2,851 in 2011. Among the most common complaints are shipments being held hostage, loss and damage, delay of shipments, unauthorized movers, and deceptive practices such as unwarranted overcharges.

  • No Reform

    Illinois is where they Issue drivers license to Illegal Aliens. It seems like alot of ILLEGAL ALIENS would operate out of that area after they get their CDL??? I have read where lots of Russian and Pakistan Illegal Immigrants own trucking companies there. Glad to see Illinois is doing such a “great” job of stopping CRIME.

  • Lots of Crooks

    Able Moving is just listed as authority inactive. Same with Father and Son Trucking Inc. I cannot even find Best Price Moving and Storage under the fmcsa website. I only see White Glove as OOS.

  • JJMclure

    deport the pricks

  • steve4447

    I’ll bet that they have changed the name and just kept right on trucking… strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.