Through thick and thin

Max Kvidera | November 02, 2010

After extensive testing, oil manufacturers have said that CJ-4 oils can reduce wear on engine parts and protect against high operating temperatures, both of which can allow operators to increase drain intervals. Performing regular oil sampling will provide important information about wear rates.

Like most long-haul operators, Evans uses 15W40. He ensures reliable cold starts with an engine block heater and oil pan heater that are wired together. “When it gets down below zero, like in Wyoming, I start the heater,” he says. “The oil pan is insulated and holds enough heat so it’s not a complete cold start.”

Despite his success with 15W40 and his truck’s equipment, Evans says he would choose a synthetic oil with a low viscosity, such as 5W40, for his next truck “to give me that much more protection. I won’t do it with this truck until I rebuild the engine.” strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.