Time for an overhaul

Max Kvidera | November 02, 2010

ENGINE MILEAGE. Newer engines are built to last a million miles or more, depending on loads and driving habits. Yet most operators should be looking at an overhaul beginning at about 750,000 miles, says Jerad Wittwer, owner of Performance Diesel.


Finding a shop you can trust

Jerad Wittwer of Performance Diesel, whose shop performs four to five overhauls monthly, says if you break down on the road, don’t try to save a few bucks on the towing charge to haul your truck to the nearest shop. “Pay the extra money if you can be towed to a reputable shop,” Wittwer says.

He offers these telltale signs of a shop that does quality work:

• The shop should use new parts designated by the engine manufacturer, not aftermarket parts.

• The work should be warranted.

• The shop and its equipment should be clean and organized, with a cement floor that’s cleaned after each job. There should be a designated area, with closed doors, for overhauls.

• Tools should be up to the task, such as proper torque wrenches and a rail crane to hoist the engine.


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