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Tony’s Convoy for Hope of a cancer cure in Alberta Sunday

| July 22, 2011

The man it’s named after wasn’t a trucker, as notes Canadian Stouffville (Alberta) Sun-Tribune editor and columnist Jim Mason in the story he wrote about Tony’s Convoy for Hope, published July 15. But thanks to his in-law oil-tank haulers, his “is is a big name in Western Canadian trucking circles,” as Mason writes.

Rossi (pictured) passed away in September 2010, after a rallying convoy was organized by his aforementioned oil-hauling brother-in-law Tom Jack and his wife, Janet, to benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation in July. Rossi had been in a battle with the disease for five years, Mason writes. It included 35 trucks last year and raised a total $17,768. This year, convoy organizers have set a goal of 50 trucks and $20,000.

For information on how to take part this Sunday or donate, visit the convoy website. Basic details follow.

Tony’s Convoy for Hope
Vermillion, Alberta, Canada to Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds for fund-raising BBQ
July 23, 2011, 9:30 a.m. sharp
Staging area: Vermillion arena, 47th Avenue and 55th Street

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