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Cargo theft warning: West Coast port backlog ripe for cargo thieves, FreightWatch says

| February 27, 2015

“As the massive backlog of cargo begins to release into the supply chain, the frenetic situation will be rife with opportunity for cargo criminals,” FreightWatch said in its warning.

‘IRT Deadliest Roads’ season 2 star sentenced after kidnapping charges

| February 27, 2015

Cargo theft warning: Thieves breaking into trailers at truck stops, ‘pilfering’ contents

| February 17, 2015

Cargo thieves have been breaking seals on trailers, opening the trailer doors to check contents, deciding whether the goods are valuable and targeting items “easily fenced,” FreightWatch says.

Former Arrow Trucking CEO could face $50 million sentence for misusing company funds

| February 05, 2015

The former president and CEO of the now-closed Arrow Trucking pleaded guilty Feb. 4 to one count of conspiracy and one count of tax evasion stemming from his misuse of company money and schemes designed ...

Trucking rap sheet: Carrier-led cargo theft scheme, CDL exam cheaters, driver drug tester, chameleon carriers and more

| February 02, 2015

The courts have been busy of late dealing with trucking-related crimes, it seems, as the Departments of Transportation and Justice announced last week several updates several cases dealing with cargo theft, drug testing, shutdown orders ...

Fraudulent CDL exam scheme used cameras, Bluetooth pencils, DOT reports

| January 23, 2015

The DOT announced recently that three people in New York have pleaded guilty to charges in a scheme in which test takers were provided answers to CDL examinations during the tests using equipment like cameras ...

Alleged kidnappers arrested at truck stop after tip from trucker

| January 09, 2015

Med examiner who scammed truckers fined $109k; carrier owner sentenced to probation for violating shutdown order

| January 06, 2015

The DOT recently reported action on several trucking-related criminal cases, including the potential finale to the Terri’s Farm horse-hauling saga and a plea deal made with a medical examiner defrauding truckers by falsely signing drug ...

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