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Careful what you wish for: Halloween fiction

| October 31, 2014

The Barn: A Halloween tale

| October 31, 2014

Perry and his Freightliner are long gone, but the barn on his widow Dara's farm holds vestiges of him, and mysteries for her young daughter, whom Perry never met -- or , as Dara finds ...

Be careful what you wish for: A Halloween tale

| October 29, 2014

A new fictional tale for a spooky week by Overdrive's Wendy Parker. Sure, Gary was a little overweight, but with the new weight mandates for drivers coming on, his resignation wasn't quite enough to forestall ...

A terrifying tale for Halloween from Wendy Parker

| October 31, 2013

Fiction: ‘When all trucks stop’

| October 07, 2013

Perishable goods: Former driver finds himself on highway to hell

| October 27, 2012

A disgraced trucker finds himself making a deal to help him climb back to the top of the trucking world, but it may be a deal he can't keep.

Destination unknown: Bayou leaves driver searching for reality

| October 24, 2012

Henry Thorson just wanted to pick up one last load in Louisiana before turning in for the night. The road leading there took him further than he thought.

Have a nice day: An image too disturbing to shake

| October 22, 2012

All she wanted was to get footage of what was scaring the poor baby raccoons in her backyard. She had no idea what she would find.

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